Norwegian formula of performance

XY Energy is created using a plant-based authentic Norwegian Formula to help you achieve mental clarity, improve focus and reduce stress.

for healthy, happy & smart people


Roseroot is the main functional ingredient of XY Energy. With roots in Norwegian traditions, the herb has properties proven to improve memory, focus and performance without jitters or energy crashes.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a herb widely used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for its unique properties as a mood and energy enhancer that reduce both mental and physical fatigue.

XY foundation

We strive to make a real difference in our world today and for generations to come. And we know that working together expands our ability to drive meaningful changes. This is our moment to get it right.

Each partner is a bright mind who plays a specific role in accelerating progress in education, science research and art. We are thinking about the future. And we do real things for the real world.

XY Crypto

A unique digital currency with the focus on natural development. XY crypto ecosystem is built with the sustainability in mind. You can now invest directly in your future.

Our team is comprised of the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology experts as well as of the best software developers, digital marketers, branding, and communication specialists. XY team is currently working on building an entirely new platform for crypto investments.

XY Energy research team

Our products are developed by a highly skilled team with diverse background in biology, nutrition studies, engineering, food safety, and physics, who will implement their strategies in order to guarantee our outstanding success on the market.

We are all unified by the concept of developing new generation essentials for mind and body.

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